Wednesday 3 July

Architectural Association

AA Projects Review is the Architectural Association’s annual end of year show. Student work is displayed throughout the buildings to showcase the different unit or programme’s year-long brief and agenda. Every student who has passed through the Architectural Association, from Foundation to PhD, Zaha Hadid to Richard Rogers, has had their work scrutinised by the public in the annual AA Projects Review.

This year, almost 800 students will showcase their visions for the future of architecture, to anyone with an inquiring eye. This year’s show will merge the work of students and alumni, breaking the traditional boundaries between academia and practice to look at the much longer trajectory of an AA project.

No ticket or booking is necessary for this exhibition!

Bedford Square

Explore the history of London through the paintings collected by Paul Mellon! For the duration of the Festival there will be a unique opportunity to journey through London via paintings of the city by Constable, Canaletto and Zoffany. Just by walking around Bedford Square Garden you will be able to see views such as those of the river at Greenwich to the markets of Camden – as seen by the eyes of the artists.


The replicas of these paintings (which are held at the Yale Center for British Art) will be accompanied by text compiled by Martin Postle from the Paul Mellon Centre.

No ticket or booking required.

Paul Mellon Centre

An opportunity to visit the Paul Mellon Centre’s Public Study Room at 16 Bedford Square. This is the main reading room for consulting material from the PMC’s Research Collections, which includes a library of books on British art and architecture and the archives of art historians, curators, critics, dealers in the field of British art.

The Public Study Room reference library is arranged on the open shelves and visitors are welcome to walk around and browse these books. There will also be an opportunity to view particular items from the Research Collections relevant to the ‘The artist in the garden and the garden in art’ theme of the BSF talks held at the PMC.

Booking is not necessary, just pop in.

9-10am | Dr Catherine McCormack and Joe Watson in Conversation
Sotheby's Institute of Art

What histories are hidden in plain sight as we stroll the leafy squares of Bloomsbury? This wide-ranging conversation considers gender, class, post-colonial, and queer narratives and their visual representation (or its opposite) in the places and spaces in which we work and live. How cultures have articulated or obscured themselves, or been appropriated or suppressed by others for various means, will be explored through a series of short case studies, from the Bloomsbury Set to the infamous Caravan Club.

10-11am | Nadia Narain

Bedford Square Garden

Join us in the beautiful Bedford Square Gardens, a calm oasis in the midst of a busy central London, for a special outdoor Yoga experience with renowned Yoga teacher, Nadia Narain. Nadia specialises in teaching Yoga to all, with over 23 years of teaching experience. From professional athletes to absolute beginners, Nadia is highly skilled at adapting the practice to an individual's needs and ability.

This class is suitable for all abilities, please note yoga mats will not be provided.

10am-12pm | Rebecca Hunter

Paul Mellon Centre

Join this fun and relaxed class to paint a vibrant London illustration by Rebecca Hunter of Drawn Together Art Collective

Your class will include and introduction to colour theory, how to use Indian inks and instruction on how to draw the London skyline. 

Beginners welcome! 

Bedford Square Unlocked

12-3pm | Open Garden

Bedford Square Gardens

A unique opportunity to enjoy one of Bloomsbury’s most beautiful private gardens. Usually locked and only available to residents, we are unlocking the gates to allow you a chance to picnic, walk or simply sit and enjoy the nature of this secret oasis in the heart of the city.

No booking necessary.

1-2pm | Talk | Dr Bernard Vere

Sotheby's Institute of Art

Twice a year, London’s major auction houses hold sales of Impressionist and Modern art. The sales includes works by some of the great artists of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, providing an opportunity for the public to view significant paintings that they might never have a chance to see again. This talk, by Dr Bernard Vere, Programme Director of Sotheby’s Institute of Art’s MA in Fine and Decorative Art and Design, looks at the results of the most recent sales that took place last month.

2-3pm | Exhibition Tour

Architectural Association

Architecture exhibitions are often hard to understand. Experimental ideas dwell on the invention of new terminology, abstract ideas and never-before seen concepts. To the unfamiliar eye these ideas seem to have landed from another planet without any clear explanation or specificity to anchor them.

To accompany Projects Review 2019, students across the school will shape a new reading of the exhibition as told through a selection of projects that cut across the boundaries of units, years, programmes and hierarchy. These themed tours will allow visitors to follow a narrative trajectory and experience the exhibition through that lens. 

2.30-3.30pm | Object Handling Session | Elisabeth Bogden

Sotheby’s Institute of Art

This session is an introduction to the Kiddell Collection (also colloquially known as ‘The Black Museum’). The Collection is a fascinating accumulation of fakes, forgeries and reproductions, built up over a number of decades by Sotheby’s Auction House former Director, Jim Kiddell, and now on permanent loan to Sotheby’s Institute of Art. Originally formed as a pedagogic handling tool for auction house specialists, the Collection today continues to support student enquiry. 

3-4.30pm | Talk & Exhibition Tour | Clem Cecil

Paul Mellon Centre & Pushkin House

What are we trying to save when we campaign for buildings? Former Director of SAVE Britain's Heritage, co-founder of the Moscow Architecture Preservation Society and present Director of Pushkin House, Bloomsbury, Clem Cecil, talks about the elusive 'spirit of place' and the motivation behind saving buildings based on her personal experience of campaigning in Russia and the UK. She will also look at the story of the architect's house Konstantin Melnikov in central Moscow that was taken out of the family's hands by the Russian state in 2014.

After the talk at the Paul Mellon Centre, attendees will make the short walk to Pushkin House, Bloomsbury Square for a tour around the exhibition 'May My Voice No'

Talk: 6-7pm at Architectural Association

Drinks Reception: 7.15-8pm at Bloomsbury Publishing

Eva Franch i Gilabert is an architect, curator, educator and lecturer of experimental forms of art and architectural practice. She specializes in the making of alternative architecture histories and futures. In August 2018 she became Director of the Architectural Association in London.